Career coaching - clarity for direction

Are you at a cross-roads in your career, either through choice or redundancy? I can help you explore the possibilities before you.

This is not simple 'careers advice', but rather a structured approach to discovering what energises you, and what possibilities exist for your current work or a new role.

Career-related coaching can include:

  • Career transition coaching
  • Career development coaching
  • Finding the right work/life balance

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Comments from clients

"I hired Christine to work with me on my motivations and priorities for becoming self-employed and to explore my goals and strengths. Chris has not only given me an invaluable insight into my own skills and professional aptitudes, but has also provided me with excellent tools for ongoing improvement and managing others."
   - Christopher Jarvis, Hinkley

"I sought coaching to discover more about my strengths and weaknesses and what makes me “tick”. The exercises I had to work through helped a great deal with this. I am now more confident in my own uniqueness. I have chosen to explore a whole new path in life, to use the creativity in me, and can now see this as a valid option. Thank you so much for helping me. I am excited now to start the next phase of my life. A whole new chapter!"
    - Jan Towell, Coventry

Career Coaching - clarity for direction

"Through Christine's patient and professional guidance, I realised my natural direction in life [and] the direction my life and career should go."

Peter, Coventry